Radiation-hardened electronics

Space Systems

Standard Components

BAE Systems' radiation-hardened standard components leverage years of expertise to provide reliable solutions for space and missile defense.

Expertise includes:

  • Development and qualified manufacturer listing of advanced semiconductor technologies
  • Circuit design
  • Packaging and testing

BAE Systems' Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) portfolio covers the following products ranging from volatile and non-volatile memories to FPGAs and ASICs.


BAE Systems offers a family of radiation-hardened static random access memory (SRAM) in various configurations, including 4 Mb (512Kx8), 16 Mb (2Mx8 or 512Kx32), and 64 Mb (8M×8 or 2Mx32) monolithic designs as well as several higher density stacked devices ranging from 20 Mb to 320 Mb. Also available is a high-performance, multi-mode 128Kx72 synchronous SRAM providing unique performance enhancements for certain processing architectures, such as L2 Cache support for the RAD750® radiation-hardened PowerPC™ microprocessor.


QML-qualified, non-volatile chalcogenide random access memory (C-RAM) based on chalcogenide phase change material provides a dense and high-performance replacement for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. It is available in monolithic 4 Mb (512Kx8) or 2 Mb (256Kx8 with ECC) with single bit error correction and 20 Mb (512Kx40) stacked configurations.


Radiation-hardened programmable read-only memory (PROM) based on oxide-nitride-oxide anti-fuse technology is available in a 256 Kb (32Kx8) configuration, with either 3.3 V or 5 V operation.


For more than a decade, BAE Systems has fabricated and packaged the radiation-hardened RH1020 and RH1280 field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Though these Actel parts were discontinued in 2006, BAE Systems now manufactures the RH1020B and RH1280B as drop-in replacements for the original FPGAs.


Our SpaceWire family consists of a TRL-9 4-port router ASIC, a SpaceWire Endpoint ASIC, and a next-generation 4-port router System on Chip with RMAP. These chips can be used as companions to the RAD750 microprocessor or as a standalone instrument controller. BAE Systems also offers SpaceWire evaluation boards in multiple configurations.

Please consult our product catalog and datasheets for more information.