Radar Operations, Maintenance, and Sustainment

Radar Operations_photo
We develop and manufacturer precision instrumentation radar systems and electro-optical tracking systems and are a recognised leader in test and evaluation, training range operations and maintenance, as well as design and manufacture.

In 1974, BAE Systems introduced a computer-based, precision tracking range instrumentation radar, which offered flexibility and capability not previously available in support of TSPI. Since then, BAE Systems has continued to enhance its computer-based radar systems, with each delivery, and offers a field-proven, TSPI solution for future test range requirements. Today, BAE Systems continues to build the range instrumentation systems sought for modernization programs on test and training ranges around the world.
Test range instrumentation equipment includes:

Integrated optical tracking systems
TSPI tracking systems, range control centers
Flight termination systems
Wideband imaging radar systems
Telemetry systems
Test range instrumentation

BAE Systems provides the test and training range community a variety of products, capabilities and services to replace, enhance, upgrade, modify and sustain range instrumentation systems and subsystems. Over 90 percent of the BAE Systems’ TSPI systems, produced over the last 30 years, are still in use today, and actively supported and sustained via various sustainment programs within BAE Systems. BAE Systems has low cost, field-proven solutions that can be provided in fixed, transportable and/or mobile configurations, which leverage leading edge technology and are logistically supportable.