NavComp GPS Receiver and Mission Computer

NavComp is a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver and mission computer on a single board. Different versions include one to four GPS receivers on the same board, enabling the system to be operated with up to four antennas and on rotating vehicles.

The system includes algorithms for vehicle roll and roll-rate measurements. Each of the GPS receivers is a 12-channel, L1 C/A code receiver with high dynamics capabilities. The most capable configuration is a 48-channel GPS receiver and a powerful flight computer with four antennas.

  • GPS and flight computer
  • Four antennas
  • Operation on rolling platforms
  • Roll and roll-rate measurements
  • Dynamics velocity: 2000 m/second
  • Acceleration: 10 g
  • Update rate: 10 per second
  • Power: 15-36 VDC, 14 W with three receivers operating
  • Interface: Port1: RS–422, host; Port2: spare
  • Baud rate 9600–115200

BAE Systems Rokar specializes in the development, manufacture, integration, and support of high-end GPS receivers for defense and demanding commercial applications.