Modular ACDS Test Equipment (MATE)

The modular advanced countermeasures dispensing system (ACDS) test equipment (MATE) is a PC-based lower-level test bench. MATE runs automatic tests on the BAE Systems ACDS and generates reports based on the test results.

MATE supports various modes of operation. In the automated test procedure mode, either a single line-replaceable unit or a full system test may be performed. In hot mock-up mode, MATE generates all of the avionics and other system signals that interface with the ACDS in the aircraft. It also monitors the signals from the ACDS to the aircraft avionics and analyzes the data. This mode, with its impressive debug and process-control capabilities, sets MATE as a software development station.

For easy self-test and maintenance, MATE runs internal end-to-end tests and monitors the voltage in various junctions within the system. The MATE user interface is designed for easy operation.

MATE’s modularity provides future growth capabilities for ACDS system extension.

Countermeasures Dispensing Systems

BAE Systems Rokar offers aircraft self-defense chaff and flare dispensing systems for combat aircraft, including the F-15, F-16, F-4, F-5, Mirage, A-37, A-7, AMX, Harrier, and Mig-21; helicopters, including the AH-64, CH-53, UH-60, Bell212/412, AH-1, Super Puma, Mi-17, and Mi-24/35; and transport aircraft, including the C-130 and Boeing 707.

BAE Systems Rokar's countermeasures systems are integrated with missile warning systems and radar warning receivers. The offerings include systems with up to 24 dispensers and unparalleled capabilities.