M113 Family of Vehicles

An example of a M113A2 variant
The largest family of armored tracked vehicles in the world, the M113 family includes more than 80,000 vehicles worldwide and more than 40 variants. As one of the most widely used combat vehicles in the world, the M113 family plays a role in the militaries of at least 44 countries.

The M113 has been continuously updated over the years to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern battlefield. Since the onset of the war in Iraq, the M113 has re-emerged to play critical roles in both urban combat and peacekeeping roles.

The M113 has proven to be the most versatile of military tracked vehicles. It has the right combination of interior volume, exterior profile, simple construction and ease of use.

With current and ongoing improvements in power-train technology, armor developments, active and passive protection and suspension enhancements, the M113 will continue to play a significant role for the next three to four decades.