Insight – multi-intelligence sensor fusion

BAE Systems is advancing technology that helps intelligence analysts process massive volumes of complex data and quickly translates it into actionable intelligence through the Insight program.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Insight program aims to develop an adaptable, integrated human-machine Exploitation and Resource Management (E&RM) System to make it easier for intelligence analysts to derive actionable intelligence from a growing number of sensors and data sources.

BAE Systems is currently developing technology to enable the Insight system to perform the following functions:

  • Fuse intelligence from multiple data sources
  • Task the sensors providing this information appropriately so that these resources are optimized
  • Clearly communicate and enable the operator to interact with the information through a visual display
  • Integrate with existing and future DoD intelligence systems with an extensible architecture

BAE Systems will continue to enhance and grow their expertise in the area of multi-intelligence sensor fusion as they work to develop the next-generation ISR capabilities which support a broad spectrum of R&D and mission needs. The BAE Systems led team will take these cutting edge technologies and transition them to an operational toolkit for the intelligence analyst.

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