Infrastructure Protection

Automated Installation Entry
BAE Systems equips end-users across the globe with infrastructure protection services, allowing them to detect, assess, respond and recover from any potential threat.

BAE Systems supports the United States Armed Forces and other customers in providing force protection capabilities at home and in foreign territories around the world. In today’s changing environment, security, surveillance, and reconnaissance are critical to ensure forces can not only respond quickly to threats, but comprehend and make accurate decisions to prevent and resolve issues. BAE Systems understands that enhanced security doesn’t always mean installing new technologies, which is why it prides itself on being able to integrate and sustain existing electronic security systems.

BAE Systems provides overall sustainment, integration and upgrades of existing integrated electronic security systems and automated systems to include: security systems, surveillance systems, and automated fuel systems. For example, it supports the U.S. Army by providing force protection capabilities at temporary and permanent sites around the world. It also enhances security, surveillance and reconnaissance, providing forces with the ability to “See First, Understand First, and Act First.”

BAE Systems designs, installs and sustains automated systems providing maintenance management, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and operational support. These systems are maintained by our technicians located throughout the world.