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HybriDrive® parallel propulsion system

BAE Systems HybriDrive Parallel System for Heavy Duty Trucks
Our hybrid parallel solution for heavy-duty trucks offers outstanding power and performance with increased fuel economy for vocations such as construction, utility, refuse and delivery trucks.

HybriDrive parallel propulsion system uses both simplified and proven components and controls to deliver its capabilities. The system is based on a single electric machine integrated between the engine and the transmission and can be installed with minimal impact to the vehicle. Propulsion is enhanced through an optimized blending of power from a conventional power source and from the electrical power source. The system’s energy management and control capabilities ensure all energy flow—such as propulsion and braking energy recuperation—occurs in the most efficient fashion, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

The HybriDrive parallel propulsion system integrates with medium-heavy duty engines providing high power and high torque.