Federated Secure Cloud

BAE Systems and Dell EMC are now offering a federated secure cloud solution that provides federal agencies the ability to adopt a framework of standards for interoperability, information sharing, and Security in the Cloud.
The U.S. Government is becoming more connected and secure than ever before. BAE Systems offers a secure on-premises, hosted, or hybrid cloud solution that is flexible enough to host the services that U.S. Government agencies desire, while meeting the security controls they require.
The federated secure cloud is flexible enough to power agency-level IT modernization or support smaller, forward-operating units.
The solution operates on a federated cloud platform and meets Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) requirements, establishing a complete, trusted, and secure cloud under strict standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The federated cloud environment is embedded with zero-anonymity security features, empowering administrators to monitor, track, and control all software, hardware, and user access to their respective clouds in real-time.
The federated secure cloud gives agency network administrators an unparalleled level of awareness and security control. Embedded network-monitoring capabilities also offer administrators a greater understanding of their users, data, infrastructure, and tools. Instead of managing, monitoring, and securing dozens of networks separately, the federated secure cloud administrators can instantly assess the performance of the entire cloud’s secure operating environment via specialized, user-friendly dashboards.
The secure cloud environment provides users with opportunities to collaborate using common virtual (thin) or thick client desktops, while also providing common access to business applications and mission essential tools. The solution’s revolutionary cloud architecture enables administrators to automate the process of facilitating patches and updates, lessening the impact regular IT maintenance can have to the user and mission, while also reducing localized IT administrative costs.
The federated secure cloud platform allows agencies to offer users common access to a customized catalog of services. Optional managed services include an enterprise help desk, system management functions, and agency-specific application marketplaces, where users can instantly download and access the latest mission applications, software tools, and other pay-as-you-go services. The flexible cloud framework enables agencies to add additional customer features quickly as mission priorities or needs evolve.
Federated Secure Cloud Advantages:
  • Critical partnership with Dell EMC to deliver rapid, scalable, hardware and support services globally
  • The federated secure cloud employs VMware’s latest infrastructure technology enabling to operate seamlessly on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, or on premise clouds
  • Customizable cloud solution for any Intelligence Community (IC), DoD, Federal/Civilian organization
  • Deployable as thick, thin, or zero desktop clients in both the U.S. and overseas locations
  • Based on the design for authorized TS/SCI network environments, yet easily scalable to support compartmentalized, secret, and unclassified networks
  • Provides users with simultaneous access to multiple networks at different classification levels on the same trusted client device
  • With the optional use of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), users can access the same desktop from any location within the organization to empower workplace mobility
  • Scalable to a customer’s unique mission needs; capable of supporting hundreds to millions of users
  • Optional services (email, unified communications, virtual applications, etc.) are customizable to customer specifications
  • With a variety of managed service options, BAE Systems is committed to Continual Service Improvement (CSI), by maintaining a cadre of engineers to provide the best of breed capabilities from government, commercial, and academia
  • Operation and sustainment available through managed service options
  • Drives cost savings by reducing redundant services, while also enabling agencies to distribute and share commercial software and application licenses across organizations and commands
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