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Enterprise Payments Fraud

Enterprise Payments Fraud
NetReveal® Enterprise Payment Fraud protects critical payment systems, using robust behavioural profiling, anomaly detection and machine learning analytics for quicker identification of fraud.
The payments landscape is changing rapidly. Technology has made remote and mobile banking an attractive, convenient option for customers. But these advances must be co-ordinated with traditional channels such as cash and cheque payments, and they come with their own unique set of vulnerabilities to fraud.
At the same time, faster payment initiatives such as Australia’s New Payments Platform and The Clearing House’s Real Time Payments (US) have decreased settlement times and blurred the distinction between domestic and international payments. Evolving regulations to govern emerging channels call for greater protection for corporate and retail banking providers, but also the move to open banking such as PSD2 is adding a layer of complexity to the bank/customer relationship.

Electronic Payments Fraud

NetReveal Electronic Payments Fraud enables holistic protection against account takeover for cross-channel payments, combining both monetary and non-monetary activity to automating interdiction and block fraudulent payments in real-time. This increases accuracy and minimises impact to your institution and its customers.

Check and Deposit Fraud

NetReveal Check and Deposit Fraud provides a comprehensive, pre-packaged approach, supplying an institution with the critical capabilities you need to manage suspicious and/or potentially fraudulent deposit activity.

Card Fraud

NetReveal Card Fraud provides issuing and acquiring solutions for real-time detection and prevention of card fraud. The end-to-end process is thus managed, from detection to investigation to resolution, within a single financial crime platform.


Our Enterprise Payment Fraud solution enables organisations to:

  • Tailor fraud coverage to business needs – Monitor retail and commercial banking, real-time and batch payments as well as mobile, online, check, card, call centre, and teller channels
  • Block fraud in real-time – Minimise losses and customer disruption, stopping suspicious payments across multiple channels as they happen
  • Adapt to emerging channels and attacks – Gain greater control of fraud prevention and lower total cost of ownership with proven, configurable detection logic
  • Streamline fraud operations – Reduce time and expense, automating transaction interdiction, incident assignment, event visualisation, and reporting

Key features

  • Out-of-the-box payment protection
  • Real-time fraud detection
  • Cross-channel coverage
  • Modular approach to detection
  • Advanced profiling and analytics
  • Streamlined operations and reporting
  • Flexible for emerging threats
  • Ready-made, user-centric design

Named a “RiskTech Quadrant® Enterprise Fraud Technology Solutions Category Leader” in the 2017 Financial Crime Risk Management Systems Report

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