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Email Compliance Archiving

Email Compliance Archiving
Our Email Compliance Archiving service securely stores messages and provides you with enhanced capabilities to perform eDiscovery and compliance archiving for message recovery to fulfill legal or compliance related activities.
Email is the dominant electronic communication medium for businesses. Recent industry research shows that the typical office worker sends and receives around 112 email messages per day. Every one of these messages leaves behind a digital trail of potentially sensitive information. Improper disclosure of messages could put a company at risk.
Moreover, companies in regulated industries, such as financial services, are required to retain records for all of their electronic stored communications, and to review their retained emails regularly for policy and privilege violations. Regulators expect companies to not only have compliance programs in place but to also demonstrate that these programs are effective regarding email archiving.
In addition to the security and compliance-related risks introduced by email and other communications methods, companies face legal risks. According to market research firm Gartner, 25% of enterprises worldwide were required to respond to at least one lawful intercept, criminal, or civil suit in 2011.
Nearly all E-Discovery actions target email as a key source of ESI. But complying with E-Discovery requirements can be costly and complex. With their electronic communications fragmented across multiple messaging systems, desktop personal storage files, and servers, most companies don’t know where their key ESI resides, its importance to the business, or how to manage it in a forensically sound way.
Email Compliance Archiving from BAE Systems allows companies of any size to review, store and audit electronically stored communications, streamlining compliance and minimising risk.

Key features:

  • Pre-packaged content that supports policies and regulations such as FINRA, HIPAA, FRCP and SEC
  • Policy-based risk scoring and granular access controls that combine to save time and effort
  • Cloud email archiving increases accuracy and efficiency over outdated, costly and incomplete manual processes
  • Email Compliance Archiving employs cloud-based storage that saves customers money and simplifies their communications infrastructures. Our commitment to the high levels of security, assurance and uptime gives customers peace of mind.

Our cloud-based Email Compliance Archiving service from BAE Systems allows for:

  • Streamlined review and audit processes reduce the amount of time needed to stay compliant
  • Pre-packaged content that supports policies and regulations such as FINRA, HIPAA, FRCP and SEC
  •  Policy based risk scoring means expanded review coverage while reducing effort
  •  Email Archive dashboard allows you to see and control sensitive information flows
  •  Automated review increases accuracy so that suspicious activities don’t slip between the cracks
  • Granular access controls limit what end-users, reviewers, administrators and outside counsel can see or do
  •  Flat per-use pricing simplifies complex capital costs into predictable, monthly expenses
  •  Cloud storage eliminates tedious software updates and expensive hardware expenditures.