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BAE Systems' Durachute® is an environmentally-sealed bailout parachute designed to provide key advantages and improvements over other emergency parachutes. The current system, known as Thinpack, is qualified by the U.S. Navy with over 5.700 units in service for low altitude use in the E-2C Hawkeye aircraft. Durachute is also known as the AEBP (Advanced Emergency Bailout Parachute).


BAE Systems' Durachute® is the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equivalent for the crew-worn Thinpack. The Durachute parachute system is FAA-certified in accordance with TSO C-23d and is offered in 36 different configurations with varying AADs, canopy releases and ripcord handles. Hundreds of these systems have been provided to the commercial market and to foreign militaries. The Durachute system is available as a fully integrated backpack  or can be mounted to fixed-wing and helicopter crew seats. Provisions for the integration of Durachute are complete for the EH101's crew seats and other helicopters. All systems provide near-zero oscillation performance.

A key feature of the Durachute parachute system is our patented vacuum-sealed technology. This technology reduces the volume of a packed parachute, making it less bulky and aiding in quick aircraft egress during an emergency.