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The MkIV represents the next step in the evolution of the CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Faster. Stronger. Higher Performance.
This fifth generation combat-proven Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) combines improved battlefield speeds and handling with an upgraded Electronic Architecture to support future growth capabilities.
The MkIV represents the next step in the evolution of the CV90 concept. Building on a proud legacy of best-in-class mobility and survivability spanning more than two decades, the CV90 MkIV brings unrivalled technological capabilities and flexibility to today’s complex battlefield.
With a new engine, the MkIV boasts up to 1,000 horsepower and the latest upgraded X300 heavy-duty transmission. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is increased from 35 tonnes to 37 tonnes, offering users two tonnes of extra payload without a decrease in vehicle agility. The MkIV generation will also be the first Western IFV with a qualified Active Protection System.  
Compactly designed in a weight-efficient way, the latest addition to the CV90 family also offers:
  • New CV90MkIV D-series of turrets, including an optional unmanned turret
  • Active damping technology for increased terrain speeds
  • Fourth generation Electronic Architecture supporting future technology adoption and growth
To date, there are 15 variants of the CV90 in service in seven countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands.
CV90 Evolution short version...

If you would like to learn more, please view the CV90 Evolution - full version [10:31] video.