CV90 IFV Champion
World-leading combat capability - The IFV variant is at the core of the CV90 family. Agile and powerful in combat, it leads the way in the 20-35 tonne class. It integrates a wide range of weapon systems, providing all-target capability to land forces around the world.

The vehicle incorporates cutting-edge stealth technology as well as the Vehicle Information System (VIS), an open and scalable electronic architecture.

It can also integrate complementary systems including the following:

  • Battlefield Management System
  • Defensive Aids Suite
  • Identification Friend or Foe

The CV90 IFV has an ergonomic, air-conditioned troop compartment. Catering for up to eight personnel it is equipped with collective and individual NBC protection. Battlefield awareness is ensured by a video network with displays at each crew station, combined with independent sights.


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