Cross domain and content domain solutions

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BAE Systems’ XTS Guard was chosen by the DoD as its enterprise-class cross domain solution. XTS Guard is also available in tactical form factors where size, weight and power (SWaP) considerations are important.

The product portfolio includes the first Common Criteria EAL 7+ evaluated product in the U.S., the Data Diode Solution unidirectional data pump. With connections into Microsoft Office and SharePoint, it enables high-performance fine-grained access control of documents and databases, enabling unprecedented secure, controlled information sharing.

Data diode solution™

The EAL 7+ UCDMO baseline approved unidirectional CDS

XTS® Guard 7

A UCDMO baseline approved multi-directional/multi-enclave bidirectional CDS that runs on BAE Systems' own secure operating system: STOP™


STOP is a high assurance operating system, designed from the ground up with security as its core focus.