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Compliance services

Compliance and regulatory, design and integration services to ensure our regulatory customers and their third parties can trust the information shared with them.
Maintain your licence to operate. As technology advances, so too do compliance and regulatory demands.
An intense media spotlight, together with legislative changes such as GDPR, have left organisations under increased scrutiny about not only the data they hold, but also how they protect and deploy it.

Navigating these fast-evolving requirements, and creating a robust resilience and continuity strategy which enables external regulators and third parties to trust the information shared with them, has never been more important.


BAE Systems can help

Compliance Services

Our compliance and regulatory services combine industry best practices and an in-depth understanding of regulatory and ethical obligations to help our clients store, share, protect and use their information.


Financial Services Compliance

Technology is changing the way financial institutions interact with their customers. But with more data, an increasing number of channels and demand for quicker transactions, staying ahead of compliance risk and fraud prevention has become more complex and expensive than ever before.
Our industry expertise and experience from working with financial institutions around the world allows us to build and continually refine industry specific solutions for a range of financial institutions including banking, capital markets and insurance.

GDPR Compliance

As GDPR continues to take root via new legal precedents and fresh codes of conduct, it’s a good time to ask whether organisations are now getting data privacy right – or do challenges still remain? We believe that GDPR obligations can be an opportunity rather than a burden. GDPR can be used to turn data into an asset by:
  • Managing compliance obligations through the adoption of a privacy-led operating model and encouraging a privacy culture 
  • Promoting effective and privacy compliant data management practices
  • Safeguarding data by establishing a robust and efficient data privacy and data security controls framework

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