C4ISR Systems

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Our C4ISR Systems technology provides actionable intelligence for warfighters and decision makers through innovative technical solutions from the seas, to the skies, to the stars.
We are solving the world's most complex mission challenges from undersea to outer space. Our field proven C4ISR solutions are engineered for the future, ensuring the utmost protection and resiliency where it counts.
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Adaptive Sensors

Our adaptive signals intelligence (SIGINT) products are software defined and open architecture, allowing the warfighter to address these emerging and dynamic threats.
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ISR Analytics

Our ISR systems collect, process, analyze, and disseminate data from manned and unmanned platforms, providing decision makers an anticipatory advantage.
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Mission Management and Support Equipment

Intuitive, fully integrated applications on mobile, airborne and cloud environments.
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Secure Communications, Navigation & Identification 

Versatile solutions, ensuring security and reliable real-time data.
BAE Systems’ next-generation software defined radios represent a significant advance in high reliability reconfigurable electronics systems

Space Systems

More than 10,000 years in orbit without a single known anomaly, our generation space products and services keep people and assets safe in space.
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Tactical Systems

Dominate the modern battlespace with our avionics and sensor technologies that offer advanced imaging, computing, and identification.