Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System (ARGUS-IS)

Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System (ARGUS-IS)
ARGUS-IS delivers unprecedented situational awareness using onboard, embedded image processing algorithms.

Threats facing U.S. forces today require persistent surveillance over areas of operation and areas of interest. BAE Systems provides this capability with ARGUS-IS.

ARGUS-IS is a composite focal plane array (CFPA) assembly of 368 overlapping FPAs, imaging a wide persistent area at 10Hz. Each FPA provides high-resolution imagery, which is combined with neighboring FPAs to perform the following functions:

  • Create video windows,
  • Detect and track moving vehicles,
  • Reach back into the forensic archive, and
  • Generate 3D models.

ARGUS-IS is capable of monitoring areas for an extended period of time and can be mounted on manned or unmanned platforms.

ARGUS-IS Capabilities

  • Video windows
  • Video tracking
  • Forensic full field of view vehicle detection and tracking
  • Live and forensic window-based vehicle  and dismount tracking
  • Forensic archival

Analysts can control over 100 windows for a detailed look, while still maintaining the broader context.

ARGUS featured on PBS Nova Dr. John Antoniades demonstrates ARGUS-IS technology

Visit PBS to watch the entire episode.

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