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NetReveal® Application Fraud and Account Monitoring

$7 million On the Front Line
Application Fraud and Account Monitoring
The NetReveal Application Fraud and Account Monitoring solution safeguards financial institutions against first-party fraud, identifying suspicious individuals, behaviours, and relationships at the point of application and throughout the account lifecycle.
As financial institutions expand their product offerings to meet the changing needs of consumers and the use of new technologies, they create fresh opportunities for criminals. Fraudsters can use the anonymity and ease of digital channels to enter the institution under false pretences and defraud banks, insurers and their customers.
Financial institutions must balance the revenue and customer growth from these new products, while identifying and removing fraudsters using false (synthetic or manipulated) or stolen identities to gain access to the organisation.


NetReveal Application Fraud and Account Monitoring

NetReveal Application Fraud and Account Monitoring spots discrepancies in the application process in real-time, and assesses fraud risk over the life of the account, stopping criminals from entering your organisation and removing those already in your customer base.
Application Fraud and Account Monitoring enables your financial institution to:
  • Lock out fraudsters – Identify stolen or synthetic identities, using the institution’s network to spot suspicious details or relationships
  • Improve the customer experience – Speed application decisions and give  legitimate customers faster access to the products they want 
  • Balance growth and risk tolerance – Profile ongoing account behaviour and social connections, stopping truly fraudulent activity before it occurs  
  • Reduce the cost of fraud and collections – Improve incident classification by distinguishing cases of delinquency from true fraud


Key features

  • Advanced entity resolution
  • Social network analytics
  • Trusted customer scoring
  • Multi-layered data model 
  • Customer relationship visualisation 
  • Efficient, effective investigations
  • Management and fraud reporting

Named a “RiskTech Quadrant® Enterprise Fraud Technology Solutions Category Leader” in the 2017 Financial Crime Risk Management Systems Report

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