APKWS Upgraded Capabilities
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Greater strike range with unmatched precision lethality

With the category’s highest combat-proven hit rate, APKWS guidance kit equipped rocket consistently hit their intended target with pinpoint accuracy while limiting collateral damage. The guidance section is designed to lock onto targets from over 6 kilometers away, supporting survivability and mission success by keeping your launch platform at a safe standoff distance from threats. A recent Single Variant Block Upgrade optimized flight trajectory so the rocket can hit targets at a steeper angle of attack for enhanced lethality.
The APKWS DASALS® seeker optics are essential to maximizing target acquisition.
Innovative by design, the APKWS kit includes advanced Distributed Aperture Semi-Active Laser Seeker (DASALS) optics located on all four guidance wings, which are protected by wing-slot seals prior to firing, avoiding adjacent fire damage that can interfere with a nose mount seeker. Once the rocket is fired, the APKWS kit’s wings deploy and the optics lock on to designated targets, guiding the rocket to the target – delivering accurate strikes and minimizing collateral damage when and where it matters most.
  • Wing slot seals protect optics from adjacent firings, sand, and moisture prior to launch to ensure no damage or debris inhibit the seeker from locking onto targets
  • Optics lock on to moving or stationary targets in open or confined areas, supporting a wide variety of missions, and reducing any chance of a lost or uncontrolled rocket after launch
  • 40-degree instantaneous field of regard enables a broad capture area for the rocket to adjust mid-flight and stay on track to its target

Cost effective, easy to integrate, and more capable than ever

First put into production in 2008, the APKWS laser-guidance kit proved to be one of the most accurate, effective, and easy to implement systems in the world for converting unguided rockets into laser-guided rockets (LGR). With our continued development, the system is undergoing live fire testing from a range of unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs). Today’s system has also proven itself capable in air-to-air targeting of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and low-flying cruise missiles – as part of a counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) – as well as in ground-to-ground lethality fired from launchers mounted on vehicles and remote weapon stations.
Mission and platform flexibility, as well as its light weight and low cost of integration, makes our APKWS system one of the most highly capable and useful combat weapons available to every department of the U.S. DoD and to U.S. allies. In fact, since its introduction, over 50,000 APKWS units have been sold for service worldwide.

Production-ready for high demand

APKWS guidance kits are readily available. Demand from the U.S. military and international governments is high, and BAE Systems is well-positioned to support that demand. Our state-of-the-art factories in Hudson, New Hampshire and Austin, Texas continue to produce and deliver with available excess capacity, supported by our robust supply chain, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and recent investments of over $100 million in infrastructure improvements. We offer a manufacturing capacity of at least 25,000 units per year, and are continuing to expand production.
With most of our supply chain in the United States, our centralized approach, and focus on delivering zero defects, we are optimizing overall production and delivery efficiency, which shows in our:
  • Over 6 years in full-rate production
  • More than 50,000 units delivered to date
  • Proven ability to surge capacity, accelerating the delivery of over a thousand units ahead of schedule.

APKWS Upgraded Capabilities

An APKWS laser-guided rocket destroys an airborne drone in the distance.

APKWS® laser-guidance kit un...

Redefining Precision with APKWS

Ground-launched APKWS® laser...

• Compatible with all fielded ground designators
• Low cost, high-volume production, and high reliability
• Pinpoint accuracy


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