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NetReveal® AML Transaction Monitoring

Detecting money laundering
AML Transaction Monitoring
The NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring solution employs advanced detection analytics and an investigator-centric design to help Financial Institutions spot signs of suspicious activity by identifying patterns of unusual behaviour.
Financial institutions are obligated to continuously monitor customer transactions across multiple accounts for signs of suspicious behaviour including potential acts of money laundering and terrorist financing.

Failure to accurately spot and report suspicious activity indicative of money laundering can result in regulatory fines, increased operational cost, reputational damage, and could ultimately lead to civil or criminal penalties against senior managers or the bank itself.

Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing remains a top priority of governments and global financial regulatory bodies. Over the last few years, compliance legislation has become increasingly more complex and wide ranging.


An end-to-end AML compliance solution

NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring is an end-to-end solution that manages all aspects of anti-money laundering detection, investigation and reporting requirements. Investigator-centric interface helps financial institutions spot signs of suspicious activity, minimise reputational and regulatory exposure and reduce the cost of compliance.
The solution provides a global view of financial crime and offers flexibility to monitor and quickly update an organisation’s AML detection strategies, employing a “white-box” detection engine that can be easily explained to regulators.

NetReveal AML Transaction Monitoring provides:

  • Alert intelligence – displays transactions related to an alert and compares these transactions to the historical behaviour of the customer and their accounts to provide background to their activity
  • Intelligent entity-based investigations – improves investigator efficiency on average by 20-30%. Investigators are presented with a single combined alert, rather than multiple alerts for each triggered activity
  • Spark enabled detection engine  reduces batch processing times against transactional data. Improving profiling and detection that formerly took hours to process now gets processed within 30 minutes on average
  • Cross filters  places transaction data within a single user interface so investigators can easily visualise a customer’s flow of funds by channels, currencies, accounts, and countries. Cross filters, alongside Link Analysis, shows users the wider network of where and who the transactions are being sent to

NetReveal AML Optimisation Solution

Working alongside AML Transaction Monitoring, NetReveal AML Optimisation is a packaged, user-friendly solution to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of AML transaction monitoring and detection programmes. A sophisticated analytical solution that helps analysts identify underperforming parameters, test changes, and promote them to production – without the need for lengthy and expensive consulting engagements. Machine learning algorithms can also be scheduled to review detection results of rule-based monitoring systems and propose the optimal parameters that make up those rules.

NetReveal Managed Analytics Service for AML Compliance

Managed Analytics Service for AML Compliance combines human and machine intelligence to improve productivity and effectiveness of AML investigative teams, lowering false positive rates, and helping to uncover unrealised risk. Our service combines tailored analytics technology for financial crime, data science skills and compliance domain expertise, IP and methodologies to enable financial institutions to apply advanced analytics, machine learning and automation to their compliance program – with the necessary structured processes, confidence and transparency to pass regulatory scrutiny.

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