Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACDS)

Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACDS)
The advanced countermeasures dispensing system is a tailored, cost-effective solution.

The Advanced Countermeasures Dispenser System (ACDS) is an airborne, computer-controlled, self-defense system with enhanced capabilities for chaff, flare, and advanced decoy dispensing.

ACDS functions as a stand-alone system, with the crew selecting and initiating pre-stored dispense programs, or as an integrated part of an electronic warfare suite, executing the optimum dispensing program upon receiving the EW controller and/or aircraft avionics command via digital data links.

The threat matrix generator software allows the user to modify dispensing programs according to operational needs. The semi-automatic mode requires operator consent for program execution, whereas automatic mode immediately executes the selected optimum dispensing program. A notebook-based, user-friendly memory loader and verifier allows fast and easy downloading of the threat matrix to the ACDS during O-level maintenance.

The mini control and display unit, compatible with night vision goggles, provides the visual display of the threat direction detected by EW sensors and generates an audio warning. The system provides interface with EW warning systems, aircraft avionics and controls, and smart dispensers of any type (including internal, dual, and scab-on).

The countermeasures dispenser tester (O-level ground test equipment) provides a wide range of testing capabilities, including stray-voltage testing.

Countermeasures Dispensing Systems

BAE Systems Rokar offers aircraft self-defense chaff and flare dispensing systems for combat aircraft, including the F-15, F-16, F-4, F-5, Mirage, A-37, A-7, AMX, Harrier, and Mig-21; helicopters, including the AH-64, CH-53, UH-60, Bell212/412, AH-1, Super Puma, Mi-17, and Mi-24/35; and transport aircraft, including the C-130 and Boeing 707.

Rokar countermeasures systems are integrated with missile warning systems and radar warning receivers. They include systems with up to 24 dispensers and unparalleled capabilities.