As a global company, BAE Systems is dedicated to making a world of difference to our environment. In both the technologies we develop and the way we run our facilities, protecting our planet is top of mind. We have set a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our operations by 2030 and to work towards a net zero value chain by 2050. And we’ve made that goal public in our annual report and through our global sustainability pages.
While we’re especially proud of our electric and hybrid propulsion and modeling and simulation capabilities that enable our customers to save on fuel and emissions, we’re making measurable progress at facilities across the footprint of our U.S.-based business. For example:
  • We installed LED lighting, HVAC and manufacturing equipment controls, lighting controls, and other efficient technologies across many of our facilities.
  • We installed solar panels and EV charging stations at certain locations.
  • We’re replacing old equipment to improve air quality and increase shipyard efficiency.
  • We’re taking a variety of steps to conserve water, reduce waste, and preserve habitats around our facilities.
  • We are developing plans to transition our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles where possible and appropriate.