Our stakeholders, from regulators to customers to employees, hold us accountable to a transparent, truthful, rigorous, and ethical approach to sustainability. You cannot make internal changes that protect the environment or ensure your supply chain partners are in compliance without the right processes, policies, and oversight. You cannot have a DEI strategy without an ethical culture that promotes accountability. To that end, we are focused on areas like:
  • Business Ethics: Ethical conduct is our foundation. When companies don’t speak and act with integrity, it damages their credibility with our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, shareholders, and regulators.
  • Corporate Governance: This refers to the rules, practices, and processes that we use to guide our operations. Good governance helps ensure that our stakeholders can trust that we will do what we say. Together, these elements help define BAE Systems’ culture and our acceptable behaviors.  
  • Data Privacy and Security: Our IT and Security teams are constantly working to ensure the information we and our suppliers use and share is protected against cyber threats, in line with the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication (SP) 800-171. 
  • Investor and Regulatory Disclosures: Our Finance, Legal, and other functions work diligently to ensure we provide investors and other external stakeholders with information at the required times that is accurate and fairly represents our positions.
  • Special Security Agreement: BAE Systems, Inc. is a Delaware corporation that has mitigated our foreign ownership through a Special Security Agreement between the U.S. Government, BAE Systems, Inc. and BAE Systems plc. Learn more here.
  • Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE): Our SHE team members are among the best in the business. They care about the well-being and support of our people, products, business, and customers. We have robust SHE policies in place, and we actively engage all employees in our processes—not because we have to, but because it's the right thing to do.