At BAE Systems, Inc., our business strategy is built on attracting and developing a diverse workforce, ensuring equity in our programs and practices, advancing an inclusive workplace, and positively impacting the communities we serve.

We believe that all employees should be able to see themselves reflected at every level of the company; that we must work to ensure every employee can reach their full potential; and that we must advance a culture of inclusion where every person is valued and feels they belong. We continue to make progress toward this vision, with deliberate actions such as:
  • Ensuring that underrepresented groups are included in talent pipeline and leadership roles;
  • Building interview slates that increase diversity of candidates;
  • Advancing readiness and reducing attrition through mentoring and sponsorship;
  • Providing emerging talent exposure to leadership;
  • Ensuring traditionally underrepresented employees see a path to leadership;
  • Connecting cultural communities through our eight Employee Resource Groups;
  • Broadening DEI awareness through education programs;
  • Developing leaders to effectively manage across differences.
Read more in our DEI Impact Report.
Employee Resource Groups
Our eight employee resource groups help advance diversity and inclusion at BAE Systems by fostering cultural connections. Open to all employees, they promote collaboration across the organization and provide a forum for learning, understanding, and supporting professional growth through internal and external networking, programs, and activities. 
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