Ship Repair is the leading U.S. non-nuclear ship repair, modernization and overhaul company and has full-service shipyards strategically located on the East and West coasts with facilities located in Norfolk, VA, Jacksonville, FL, and San Diego, CA.

BAE Systems Ship Repair’s three fully-equipped facilities that can provide the following services on board, in shops, alongside piers, and in dry docks to get customers’ vessels underway in the shortest time possible:

  • Conversion
  • Corrosion Control
  • Life Extension
  • Maintenance
  • Modernization
  • Repair
  • Fabrication
  • New Construction



Here you will find all relevant information required to ship your product correctly, including the Shipping and Routing Guide, Premium Freight Request form and Operating Schedule Calendars. We also have a Carrier Service Failure Form which we ask you to complete whenever there is a carrier issue and forward to us at This record helps us identify carrier issues so we can find solutions for improved performance. It is important to check this site often as the information does change.

Please know the Work Schedule for the destination you are shipping to, some BAE Systems facilities are not operating on Fridays.

Following the required shipping information will allow for on-time deliveries, reliable service and avoid customer charge backs. Please contact us with any questions.

Transportation Documents
Release Date Document
01/25/2022 International and Domestic Routing Instructions
10/16/2018 Carrier Service Failure Form
01/01/2020 Incoterms 2020 Rules Chart of Responsibility
12/14/2021 2022 BAE Systems 9/80 Work Schedule Calendar
12/14/2021 2022 BAE Systems 5/40 Work Schedule Calendar
Ship Repair
Ship Repair
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