To clarify what we expect from our suppliers and their supply chains, we have developed the Supplier Principles – Guidance for Responsible Business, which reflects the standards we set for our own Board and employees.
The Principles outline a set of ‘best practice’ expectations, based on our own global Code of Conduct, The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, International Labour Organisation Conventions and national laws and regulations that apply to businesses. They also incorporate information included within IFBEC’s Supply Chain Code of Conduct.
The expectations within these Principles are not intended to conflict with, or modify the terms of existing supplier contracts with BAE Systems. If a contract requirement addresses the same areas as covered in these Principles, suppliers must comply with the contract (and/or) legal requirements.

Supplier Principles

Supplier Principles - Guidance for Responsible Business - Swedish

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Supplier Principles - Guidance for Responsible Business - UK English

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