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Supplier Center

Industrial Cooperation

We believe in strong and resilient supplier relationships, which are critical in allowing us to meet our customer's expectations.
Real partnership – Real advantage

To BAE Systems Hägglunds, industrial cooperation are a vital part of the partnership we are building with our customers - a strong partnership that gives each party long-term and strategic advantages. The experience and competence we have of industrial cooperation are important factors behind our most successful customer relationships. It is our firm belief that real partnership gives real advantage.


BAE System Hägglunds is committed to building strong working partnerships that will continue for long time. Through open communication, mutual cooperation and a commitment to high standards, we strive for success with all our partners.

There are no secrets behind working successfully with industrial cooperation. It is about finding solutions that are beneficial for each party and having the experience, competence and strength to carry out the work. At BAE Systems Hägglunds this work is always given high priority. One clear testimony to this is that all of our products are designed for outsourced production. This has been achieved through well-defined internal product interfaces supported by a contracting methodology enabling participation of local industries at different levels of the product, appropriate for their business.

Global Partner
Being a part of the global BAE Systems, we offer opportunities for participation in defence contracts in global marketplaces. We are constantly searching for new technologies, new production capabilities and new partners. All of our industrial cooperation activities are managed from a specialized department dealing with industrial cooperation and offset. Key support functions are the procurement department and the production department. For each contract, a single point of contact will be established.

Creative tools
BAE Systems Hägglunds has developed a creative and innovative approach toward industrial cooperation including technology transfer, loan and investment support, marketing support to new markets and support to SME companies. Performed correctly, these are outstanding tools for the development of all involved parties: local industries, the economy in the customer’s countries and the customer themselves, as well as BAE Systems Hägglunds.

An impressive track record
For more than 20 years we have fulfilled our industrial cooperation commitments on time ahead of schedule. Industrial cooperation projects have been successfully performed in several countries in Europe, Asia, Canada and North America.