Modeling & Simulation
BAE Systems’ comprehensive Modeling and Simulation (M&S) capabilities support the U.S. Government with integrated advanced technologies for course of action (COA) development, sensor and shooter technology evaluation and maturation, training, rehearsal, wargaming, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), and emerging Metaverse applications.
With expanding adversarial threats from nation states, it is critical for the U.S. Department of Defense and its allies to maintain a tactical advantage and improve military readiness through state-of-the-art technologies and tools that support national security. BAE Systems’ deep mission knowledge and M&S expertise position it well to provide highly technical systems and integration services for seamless M&S and training environments. The company also develops and deploys M&S tools for intelligence, federal civilian, and commercial applications.

Modeling & Simulation Applications

  • Wargaming: Gaming to test COAs, strategy and tactics against adversarial threats
  • Analysis: Exportable data to support decision makers
  • Training and Rehearsal: Real-time training with real data and visuals to determine success of mission
  • Defense Intelligence: Force design and readiness
  • Federal Civilian: Critical infrastructure and homeland security
  • AI/ML: Visualization engine supports synthetic training data generation for Computer Vision model training
  • Metaverse: A high-fidelity, real-time whole world terrain model built from a variety of input, with an intuitive 2D interface which enables construction of geo-specific building models for Virtual Battlespace (VBS)

Key Benefits

  • Improved warfighter readiness through Explainable Artificial Intelligence, M&S tools, data ingest and data analytics.
  • Real-time operational views using Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) in a simulated environment provide increased situational awareness
  • Improved decision making, budget forecasting, and execution performance
  • Interoperability across domains, security classifications, and systems
  • Lower training costs and reduced environmental impact
  • Safer and faster to deploy virtual training environments
  • Enables developers to rapidly develop ML models that classify operational data based off of synthetic data
  • Low AI/ML costs associated with synthetic data generation
  • The World Server Terrain model is a foundation for combining real world with 3D and AR/VR

BAE Systems’ M&S Best Practices

Pioneer™ Wargaming Solution
BAE Systems and its team of industry leaders in data ingest, modeling and simulation, visualization and analysis, Explainable AI/ML, wargaming, cyber, and training provide a robust and comprehensive wargame M&S capability. PioneerTM wargaming solution aligns with USMC Commandant’s vision to modernize wargaming and with DoD’s National Defense Strategy. Pioneer helps deliver a VV&A (Verified, Validated & Accredited) technological advantage to the USMC, enabling wargaming M&S more accurately and faster while supporting decision making at all levels, from the strategic to the operational and tactical layers. Pioneer Wargaming Solution is a System of Systems (SoS) capability that enables wargaming operations across multiple domains including land, air, sea, space, electronic, cyber and communications.
  • Pioneer partners include: ALEX-Alternative Experts, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, CAE USA, Cole Engineering Services Inc., Covan Group, NetSimCo, PLEXSYS, SCALABLE Network Technologies, STILMAN Advanced Strategies, and 4C North America
Bohemia Interactive Simulations
BAE Systems’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, develops and markets the latest simulation and training technologies. With a large, experienced in-house team of software engineers and game developers, Bohemia develops high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.
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