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We maintain industry leadership in advanced technologies that focus on enhancing survivability, lethality and mobility.
We buy a wide range of major equipment, services, materials and components such as steel, engines, propulsion systems and fuselage sections that contribute to our products and services for our customers. Routine goods and services to support our business include office supplies, training, IT and consultancy services.
Supplier management is important to BAE Systems because we depend on our suppliers to help us to deliver the products, systems and services that our customers need, on time and to the quality they expect. Poor performance or unethical conduct by a supplier could affect our reputation or even our ability to operate effectively.

Environmental requirements / Miljökrav

Indirect Suppliers - ENG

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Indirect Suppliers - SV

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Direct Suppliers - ENG

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Direct Suppliers - SV

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Material Declaration - ENG

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List of hazardous chemical substances / Lista över farliga kemiska ämnen

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Material Declaration - SV

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