Advanced Component Obsolescence Management
AVCOM has a proven track record, offering an accurate, reliable and scalable solutions for many customers globally.
Obsolescence solutions at work
Supported by BAE Systems employees with decades of DMSMS experience, we offer a robust and cost effective package. The following resources provide additional detail about our products, services and industry.

Brochures and Briefs

BAE Systems offers a wealth of information about AVCOM and obsolescence management. If you are unable to find the resource you are looking for, please contact us. 
AVCOM is the most complete obsolescence management solution available. This application features state-of-the-art, system-specific capabilities with unmatched service. Our Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMSMS) management process also offers real-time component status and real-time procurement, along with alerts to provide early warnings of obsolescence.

Case Studies

For nearly two decades we have delivered comprehensive and high quality obsolescence management solutions to our customers. We have a long history in customer satisfaction by providing unmatched service and meeting all program and funding requirements. For more information on our work and client comments, read testimonials from existing customers.
On December 22, 2003, an Air Advisory notice was issued from ASC/ ENSA to all WR/ALC Directorates. The advisory warned of the potential risk of exploding Manganese Dioxide based cathodes in tantalum capacitors.
An AF/ILS advisory alerted Weapon System Programs across the Air Force that the Defense Logistics Agency had procured fraudulent parts.
COTS obsolescence initiatives have resulted in $4.4M in Cost Avoidance over 2.5 years.

Success Story: Tinker AFB - Space & C3I
BAE Systems Space & C3I DMSMS personnel won the 2008 DoD DMSMS Industry Team Award for their efforts in support of the OO-ALC Space & C3I DMSMS Program.
Over a 5 year period, BAE Systems has been providing Obsolescence Management services, solutions and options on the V-22 Team.

Success Story: V-22 Redesign Avoidance
Eleven obsolete parts on the CSMU were identified as the basis of need for redesign of the unit.