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Obsolescence Working Group Meeting

June 6-8 2023 at “The Island Resort at Fort Walton Beach, Florida”
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A customized obsolescence solution;

optimize the sustainment of your systems

AVCOM is the obsolescence management solution that offers the greatest flexibility and operational self-sufficiency. AVCOM was developed to be a proactive, customizable solution in a fast-changing industry. Problems caused by piece part and COTS obsolescence continue to increase due to a market that focuses on disposable devices. By planning ahead, discerning customers with systems requiring life-cycle support can implement low-cost customizable solutions to procure components, and sustain existing product lines. AVCOM is available in different configurations, or tiers, and is designed to meet the budget and technical requirements of any obsolescence program.

100% procurable parts management

We believe that all procurable parts have some risk of obsolescence, and we seek to provide our customers with the assurance that all of their critical parts are proactively monitored to ensure that they have ample time to mitigate any risks of obsolescence before impacts are realized. We focus on item availability and status each individual component, regardless of part type, to truly add value.

Maintain system integrity; extend operational life

Obsolescence analysis is instantly available at the part and system level once customer data is loaded, giving you fast access to AVCOM features and benefits. As an example, AVCOM provides logical alternatives & Form-Fit-Function alternates for items that may have shorter life expectancies or whose viability isn’t as favorable as a potential substitute. The result is fewer redesigns, improved availability, and lower Total Ownership of Costs. AVCOM gives insight into a component’s obsolescence health and attributes.

AVCOM personnel not only manage customer data, they understand it

AVCOM provides the experience and expertise necessary to establish a complete proactive obsolescence  management program. We are supported by an impressive array of US based engineers, data  technicians and logisticians, as well an exceptional staff of database managers, application developers and software engineers.

Our Philosophy

All part types have obsolescence risk and our goal is to mitigate DMSMS risks

If you are purchasing an item from a vendor then there is a risk of obsolescence . For non-electronics you typically only find out that the part has been discontinued when you place an order. AVCOM mitigates this risk by having the capability to manage all part types. AVCOM reviews your Bill Of Materials to help identify the appropriate parts to status. AVCOM loads all parts identified in the BOM review and can provide: Verification of Production Status, Acquisition Tracking, Lead Time Analysis, Inventory Health Analysis, Datasheets, Potential Alternates

History of Committed Excellence

As one of the original DMSMS providers, we have served military and commercial organizations for nearly two decades. We have a long history of helping our customers identify and mitigate obsolescence issues before they become a problem. Our genesis in 1991 was a response to the need for tracking high cost and operationally critical assets to ensure that there would never be a plane on the ground as the result of an obsolescence event. Recognizing the need to understand and incorporate additional data that would allow informed decisions about how to handle obsolescence, we developed a full-featured application set for systems management, AVCOM.

We provide the following scalable functionalities:

  • Obsolescence Management for 100% of Procurable Parts Lists (All Part Types)
  • BoM Scrubbing & Data Loading
  • Automated Discontinuance, Change, and Counterfeit Alerts
  • Advanced Operational Impact Analysis
  • Form, Fit, Function Potential Alternates
  • Logistics Sustainment Analysis Module
  • ROHS and Reach Environmental Status Reporting
  • Manufacturer Document Research
  • COTS Management including Market Surveys
  • Component Resolution Services
  • Case Sheet Management
  • Obsolescence Management Plan Development
  • DMSMS Training

Products & Services

State-of-the-Art tools and services customized to deliver the results you need
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AVCOM has a proven track record, offering an accurate, reliable and scalable solutions for many customers globally.
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Randy Shropshire
Randy Shropshire
Program/Sales Manager

+1 850 499 4867