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ES R&AD focus areas

Electronic warfare research & development

Electronic warfare 6th Gen fighter
For more than 60 years, BAE Systems has pioneered new technologies in electronic surveillance, electronic protection, and electronic attack.

We leverage a foundational understanding of customer missions and threats, gained through fielding and supporting a significant array of EW systems across the Department of Defense. This experience, combined with our deep technical expertise and unique capabilities, make us uniquely qualified to provide disruptive, multispectral capabilities to legacy and next-generation platforms.

Anti-jam/Electronic protection

Nullifying the effects of intentional and unintentional electromagnetic jammers. Capabilities include advanced electronic protection technologies to sense, prevent and counter system disruption in denied or contested environments.

Multispectral EW

Capturing the most-detailed threat intelligence for timely, effective threat response, and providing superior EW performance and platform survivability against technically advanced adversaries. Capabilities include multispectral (RF, IR, EO, etc.) sensing and response.

Cognitive EW

Enabling EW mission systems to dynamically detect, characterize, and jam unknown threats on first encounter, and then assess the effectiveness of each response. Capabilities include signal processing, machine learning, and intelligent algorithms.

Distributed EW

Transforming traditional EW system employment, from “one on many” to “many on many” through networked sharing of information and workloads across EW payloads. This increases battle space situation awareness, and enables coordination of distributed EW sensing and attack for greater EW effectiveness and mission success. Capabilities include sensor integration and across multiple EW payloads.

Electronic warfare demonstration systems

Providing rapid, cost-effective ways to explore the trade space for advanced EW capabilities. Capabilities include advanced EW system prototypes that exploit emerging hardware, algorithms, and techniques.