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ES R&AD focus areas

Advanced EO/IR technologies

Advanced EO/IR Technologies
Innovating electro-optic technologies for a wide variety of mission needs, including sensing, communications, and survivability

Sensing beyond the visible spectrum supports the intelligence gathering process by detecting chemicals and heat sources, and seeing through foliage.

Free-space optical communications allow very high-bandwidth communications between platforms, and are difficult for the enemy to detect.

Survivability systems mislead or destroy guided heat-seeking missiles, using in-band laser sources to confuse or overpower missile sensors and defeat incoming threats.

Our optical systems work delivers total system performance that supports the rigors of military environments and the most demanding customer needs. It includes modeling support, integration of detectors, laser sources, and advanced image processing hardware and algorithms to create advanced components and systems with unique capabilities.

In addition, BAE Systems offers the unique ability to design and manufacture non-linear materials that efficiently convert energy from the near-infrared to the mid- and long-wave for infrared laser sources, greatly reducing the waste heat, amplifier stages and the number of necessary optical components.

R&D emphasis

  • Active systems for advanced imaging, target and threat detection, identification, and countermeasures (advanced techniques, light detection and ranging [LIDAR], and laser detection and ranging [LADAR])
  • Ultra-short pulse lasers for counter-ISR, and advanced countermeasures
  • Agile lasers with selectable phase, wavelengths, pulse-width, and pulse-repetition frequencies
  • High-speed detectors matched with laser technology for superior signal-to-noise ratio