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FAST Labs™ research & development

Maritime sensing

Submarine detected by maritime sensing systems that BAE Systems researches and develops
Supporting naval strategies for countering adversarial capabilities

Maritime sensing technology research and development at BAE Systems is focused primarily on innovative solutions that support U.S. naval strategies for countering the growing capabilities of potential adversaries in order to maintain dominance in contested environments above and below the surface of the ocean.

Our multilayered, distributed systems are designed for the reduced size, weight and power needs of autonomous unmanned vehicles, and of off board system deployments that are moored, bottomed or drifting.

Many of these high-performance acoustic and nonacoustic sensor systems provide cost-inversion solutions for threat submarine detection, classification, localization, and tracking in both littoral and open-ocean environments.

We also contribute to the overall synchronization of these unmanned platforms with innovative undersea communications and precision navigation and timing.

R&D emphasis

  • High-power, wide-band, efficient low-frequency acoustic transducers
  • Cooperative antisubmarine warfare using unmanned aircraft systems
  • Low-power, lightweight, deployable and persistent-receive sensor systems
  • Undersea positioning, navigation and timing systems
  • Underwater acoustic communications
  • Algorithms for underwater target detection, classification, localization and tracking
  • High-frequency hardware technology and processing

Related technologies

Undersea navigation and positioning system for POSYDON

This system aims to enhance the U.S. Navy's ability to provide precise, global positioning throughout the ocean basins. This will allow undersea vehicles to accurately navigate while remaining below the ocean's surface.