Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency
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BAE Systems cloud-hosted solutions enhance First Responder and community preparedness, response, and recovery from natural or man-made disasters
Our expertise in delivering Public Safety and Disaster Response solutions for our customers utilizes AWS services to provide a secure, reliable, and highly available infrastructure to our mission critical solutions. We work with our first-response customers to understand their needs and provide solutions from our Geospatial eXploitation Products™ (GXP®) group to enable optimal response protocols.
Our GXP capabilities align to AWS Disaster Response Competency on multiple levels:
  • Mapping and Location Analytics: GXP helps develop effective operating plans to prepare for an event or crisis
  • Emergency Operations Management: GXP creates a Common Operating Picture (COP) of the Area of Interest from which multiple agencies can collaborate, share, and respond to an incident
  • Workforce Management: GXP allows mobile responders to share their location as situations evolve and coordinate response via Gridded Reference Graphics (GRGs)
  • Messaging and Communication: GXP enables responder mass-notification plus communication between ground personnel and aerial support to report back to the unified command in addition to sharing maps and location data in real-time
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