Joe Kerr

We are proud to profile Joe Kerr, a business development director in our Intelligence & Security sector. Kerr served as an Air Force Intelligence Officer for 22 years, spending time in South Korea, the United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Oman, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, Hawaii, Arizona, Texas and Virginia.
Joe Kerr
Can you share a bit about your responsibilities while serving in the military? 
I was responsible for directing, planning, managing and conducting activities to collect, analyze, exploit, produce and disseminate intelligence information, including signal, imagery and measurement and signature intelligence. I used processed intelligence information to support military operations, prepare intelligence assessments and provide support to air operations, special missions and weapon system acquisitions.
What are you most proud of from your experience in the military?
It’s hard to pick a single experience that I’m most proud of, but my support to Operation Medusa was a highlight. While deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan I served as the Director, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Operations. My small team of Air Force and Army intelligence specialists planned and executed the ISR missions for Operation Medusa. The goal of Medusa was to establish government control over an area of Kandahar Province that was under the control of Taliban fighters. Fighting raged for several days, supported by airstrikes and artillery targeting insurgent forces identified by my ISR team. At the time, Operation Medusa was the most significant land battle ever undertaken by NATO.
What interested you in continuing to support the mission following your military career? 
I got to know the name BAE Systems well during my Air Force days. As an airborne intelligence officer, I spent time flying as a crewmember aboard the U.S. Air Force’s EC-130E Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center, and three years as an Exchange Officer to the UK Royal Air Force flying as aircrew on the Nimrod R-1. Both of these aircraft had BAE Systems produced self-protection and SIGINT collection and signals processing equipment onboard. When it came time for me to start my civilian career, I was naturally drawn to companies who I came to know and trust during my service.
Ultimately, the reason I chose BAE Systems was because I was offered a role overseeing an intelligence program providing direct support to our forces overseas. The work we perform at BAE Systems continues to deliver impactful mission outcomes for both the Department of Defense and intelligence community on a daily basis. The opportunity to continue serving my country, combined with company’s culture of teamwork and support, made coming to BAE Systems an easy transition. 
Why is it important to Remember. Honor. Support. our active duty, reservists, military veterans and military families?
For me, it’s personal. My uncle served 20 years in the Marines with two combat tours in Vietnam. My daughter hopes to attend the Air Force Academy, and my son is planning to earn his commission with the United States Marine Corps. Being part of the service is a special legacy that should be applauded.
I’ve had the honor and privilege to meet a lot of veterans and their family members who’ve served and sacrificed tremendously. They’ve earned our enduring respect and appreciation.
For additional information about National Military Appreciation Month, visit our Remember. Honor. Support. site. If you are a veteran looking for career opportunities, visit our veteran hiring site, and see for yourself why BAE Systems has been named a top employer for veterans by multiple military organizations.