Deborah Gomes

We are proud to profile Deborah Gomes, an administrative assistant in our Intelligence & Security sector. Gomes served 22 years in administration with the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a master sergeant. During her career, she spent time at Moody AFB, Georgia; Tyndall AFB, Florida; Lackland AFB, Texas; Kunsan AB, Korea; Peterson AFB, Colorado, Yongsan Army Garrison, Korea and Thule AB, Greenland – where she worked alongside BAE Systems radar support contractors. 
Deborah Gomes
What led you to a career in the military? 
I was born and raised in New York City. I worked for the Department of Social Services for a while. I went to college, but I had not completed my degree. I realized something was missing in my life, but I did not know what that was. In the interim, there were challenges that were constant and I was not happy. I remember seeing commercials for the Air Force and immediately being interested. I thought about it for two years before finally making it happen. It was life altering! The camaraderie, the teamwork and the ability to travel changed my life. I found a new sense of discipline and work ethic and made incredible friends. It was the missing link for me and I’m so glad I realized it when I did. I would do it all over again.
How does it feel to know that you are continuing to support the Air Force following your retirement?
Working for BAE Systems is like an extension of my Air Force career. I interact with the Air Force quite often due to the contracts we have with them. It feels wonderful knowing that I’m still contributing to something that I love so passionately. I work in obsolescence management, so what we do is make sure that all branches of the military, not just the Air Force, have the parts, assemblies, systems and platforms required to accomplish their mission. I know what we do is extremely important for the freedoms we enjoy.
Why is it important to Remember. Honor. Support. our active duty, reservists, military veterans and military families? 
I totally appreciate everything these people are doing to afford our country all of the freedoms we enjoy every day! It is not an easy life to balance due to the constant change in assignments and deployments. The work can be difficult and sometimes dangerous, but it is always necessary. We also must not forget the memories of our fallen soldiers, and the families who sacrifice.
I like the sound of freedom. I live close to Eglin AFB and I hear those F-35s on a regular basis. I appreciate them all.
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