FRC Application Questions

FRC Application Questions

Below you will find the questions necessary to fill out your application. Please be ready to provide all information below and be prepared to answer all questions.

Questions and Information


Team Number
Team Name
Rookie Year
Affiliated School/Organization
Primary Contact Name
Primary Contact Phone
Primary Contact Email
Mailing Address
Team Demographics (Number of students, males, females, minorities, mentors)
BAE Systems Mentor Information
Closest BAE Systems Site
Has your team received funding from BAE Systems in the past five years?
List any BAE Systems sponsored events your team has participated or helped with.
Have any team members or alumni been hired by BAE Systems in the past two years? (Full-time or internship)
Team awards won
Off-season events participated in
Volunteer efforts
Which FIRST ideal your team embodies most (Cooperation, Gracious Professionalism, More than Robots, Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork, Fun)
Short Essay describing your team and team member impact on the community as role models and discuss challenges your team faces.