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Veterans Day

Pledge to wear RED this Veteran's Day!
Vets Day Coin

The results are in!

Update as of November 14, 2016: Our Pledge to Wear Red initiative was a huge success this year as more than 3,400 employees took the pledge this Veterans Day! But it wasn’t just our employees who made an impact this year. On Facebook, we asked our community to like, share, and comment on one of our posts and in return we would donate a dollar. On Nov. 11 the funds raised from the post will be divided among the five veteran support organizations mentioned below. Through our call to action on Facebook, we generated more than 13,000 likes, 6,500 shares, and 1,200 comments from individuals showing their support to veterans. 
Between our Facebook post and our employees who pledged, we were able to raise more than $40,000 for the five veteran support organizations and raise awareness around the significance behind wearing RED, our work with Habitat for Humanity to assist veterans, and our support to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce. We are honored by the support shown by our employees and our Facebook community, and are proud to support our veterans every day.

Veterans Day 2016

On Veterans Day, we salute and honor all the men and women who have served our country. Our gratitude can in no way match a veteran's sacrifice but we can acknowledge their contribution by coming together as one and pledging to wear RED (Remember Everyone Deployed).
For Nov. 11, we’re asking our employees to Wear RED apparel to work to show their support for veterans. For each employee who pledges to don crimson duds, our company will donate funds to the following five nonprofit groups that support veteran causes:
  • Building Homes for Heroes, an organization that builds and modifies homes and gives them to wounded Afghanistan and Iraq combat veterans.
  • Justice for Vets, transforming the way veterans are handled in the criminal justice system — keeping them out of jail and helping turn around troubled lives.
  • Operation Homefront, providing emergency financial assistance and moral support to families of deployed service members.
  • Team Red, White and Blue, connecting veterans to their communities through physical and social activity.
  • The Mission Continues, helping veterans adjust to life at home and find new missions.
Be sure to check back here on Veterans Day to see how many of our employees pledged to wear RED! (update on Veterans Day results now live -- see above)
Are you a BAE Systems employee and veteran? Click below to update your veteran status in PeopleSoft.
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BAE Systems Commitment to Veterans

Honoring the men and women of America’s military is an everyday priority at BAE Systems, not something that occurs just each Nov. 11. Our Veterans’ Support Network, active at 40 locations around the country, works year-round to help vets transition to jobs within our company to help them grow in their careers, and to serve the communities where employees live and work.

Warrior Integration Program

“I was afforded the opportunity to prove myself in a successful environment that prepared me for a new career,” said Scott Wolfe a former Army tanker and now a BAE Systems program manager in Nashua, N.H. Wolfe joined the company through our Warrior Integration Program (WIP) — a program within our Veterans' Support network — which oversees hiring of veterans and helps ensure their successful integration into the workforce. Today he runs the program for a large portion of the company.
Former Army ranger Steven Brown, one of Wolfe’s Nashua colleagues, is also a WIP graduate. “Innovative rotations within the program give us a rare opportunity to successfully transition from the military and use our skills in the workforce,” Brown said.
‘They gave me hope’
“The Warrior Integration Program shed light during a dark time while I was in rehabilitation,” said Navy veteran John Munoz, a BAE Systems material handler in Austin, Texas. “They gave me hope while I was in search mode for my next career.”
In addition to our support network, our employees from locations around the country, regularly contribute their time, talent, and money to a wide range of veteran causes, from assembling and donating bikes to children of military families at Christmas to rehabbing homes for veterans’ families to conducting dozens of fundraisers each year.

Americans owe a special gratitude to past and present service members for sacrificing their comfort and safety — and risking their very lives — to defend our freedoms. Please join us in saying thanks.

Why employers should hire veterans?

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How veterans should present their experience

The transition to the civilian job market can be a challenge for veterans. We’d like to offer this infographic of interview tips to help veterans put their best foot forward.
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