Image of Tom Arseneault
Doing the right thing. A message from Tom Arseneault, President and CEO, BAE Systems, Inc.
In 2022, our annual Business Conduct Training focuses on Responsible Behavior: Doing the Right Thing. Acting responsibly means that others can trust us to do the right thing, whether it’s our customer or the colleague next to us. When we make ethical decisions, we contribute to our company's success. We work in a dynamic environment, and making responsible choices gives us a stable and common structure to respond to everyday situations by understanding what we do and how we do it. I encourage you to engage with each other, to have meaningful conversations with your teams about how each of us can live our values and act responsibly. Don’t be afraid to ask critical questions or share personal stories of when you wish you had spoken up or done something differently. By being bold, we can all learn from each other and improve.