Business Conduct Training 2020

Workplace pressure, Opportunity, and Rationalization
Ethical business conduct is a fundamental element of what makes BAE Systems a company we are all proud to work for. We have all worked hard to build a reputation as a responsible and ethical business.
A Culture
of Ethics
Annual Training Introduction presented by: Scott Howat, Senior Vice President, Finance
BAE Systems, Inc.

The theme of this year’s training focuses on three factors that influence our behavior; Workplace pressure, Opportunity, and Rationalization. The experience of workplace pressure can cause a person to believe that doing the wrong thing is necessary. This provides a window of opportunity through which the shortcut or misconduct can occur. Rationalization is how the individual affirms to themselves that the bad behavior was warranted. This year's training gives us an opportunity to have meaningful conversations about how we can recognize pressure-based concerns, address them responsibly, and work through the situation with a spirit of integrity.
Image showing Scenario 1 Time reporting

Scenario 1
Time reporting

Joel confides to Carlos that he has been spending a lot of working hours taking care of personal matters
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Image showing Scenario 2 Gifts and hospitality

Scenario 2
Gifts and hospitality

Through a text conversation, Elena tells Sarah she expensed a dinner with her friend who works for a competitor

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Image showing Scenario 3 Poor communication

Scenario 3
Poor communication

Sunil is under pressure to meet a deadline but has questions for his manager, who is not easy to reach. A coworker offers some advice.
Image showing Scenario 4 Worker Training

Scenario 4
Deadline pressure

Carolyn tells Patrick she has been working late on a project that may otherwise fall behind schedule.
(Ethics minute)
Image showing Scenario 5 Managing a difficult situation

Scenario 5
Managing a difficult situation

Cheryl asks Clyde about one of his employees who has concerns about his performance review.
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Image showing Scenario 6 Family relationships

Scenario 6
Family relationships

Celia and Gianni, who are married and both work for BAE Systems, are assigned to the same project.
Image showing Scenario 7 Conflicts of Interest

Scenario 7
Conflicts of Interest

It’s not unusual for coworkers to develop relationships that range from platonic to romantic. There’s nothing wrong with that - as long as we are open and honest.
This scenario is mandatory for the P&S sector