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Business Conduct Training 2019

Fairness and Equality in the Workplace 
Ethical business conduct is a fundamental element of what makes BAE Systems a company we are all proud to work for. We have all worked hard to build a reputation as a responsible and ethical business.
A Culture
of Ethics
Annual Training Introduction presented by: Tom Arsenault, Chief Operating Officer,
BAE Systems, Inc.

The theme of this year’s training is fairness and equality, both of which are critical elements in our mission to create a positive, inclusive environment where all employees are valued, feel free to ask questions and report concerns without fear of retaliation. The annual training gives us an opportunity to take some time to have meaningful conversations about how we can recognize ethical concerns, address them responsibly, and how we can treat each other with respect in order to build trust.
Image showing Scenario 1 Respect in the workplace

Scenario 1
Respect in the workplace

Part 1 The unconscious bully
Part 2 The purposeful bully
Image showing Scenario 2 Shift work

Scenario 2
Shift work

Part 1 Advancement opportunity
Part 2 Family favorites
Image showing Scenario 3 Career advancement

Scenario 3
Career advancement 

Part 1 Why wasn’t I promoted?
Part 2 Team player?
Image showing Scenario 4 Worker Training

Scenario 4
Worker training

Part 1 The apprentice
Part 2 Too old?
Image showing Scenario 5 Assigning work

Scenario 5
Assigning work

Part 1 A new process
Part 2 A waste of abilities
Image showing Scenario 6 Discrimination

Scenario 6

Part 1 Cushy assignments
Part 2 An uncomfortable interview