2017 Annual Ethics Training

Responsible Behaviour : Let's Talk About Pressure
Ethical business conduct is a fundamental element of what makes BAE Systems a company we are all proud to work for. We have all worked hard to build a reputation as a responsible and ethical business.
The annual training " Let's Talk About Pressure" gives everyone in the business the opportunity to talk through some of the ethical challenges we face in the workplace. Managers should choose two scenarios, then play them to their teams giving time for discussion between each scenario. Tips on leading a discussion are included in the Facilitator's guide in the Resource links menu on the right hand side of this page.
Once your team has completed the training, it is essential that they record their completion in iLearn. If they have any questions regarding the training please contact your local Ethics Officer.
Before you begin the training view the Introduction by Jerry DeMuro, President &CEO.
Introduction by Jerry DeMuro
Scenario 1 Part 1

Scenario 1: Labour Charging: Meeting Objectives?

Description: An empoyee charges his time to various accounts to keep a specific project on budget. His manager is under pressure to increase productivity and cut costs at the same time.
Topics: Labour Charging and Performance Pressure
Scenario 2 Part 1

Scenario 2: Retaliation: Pushing Me Out?

Description: An employee feels his manager is retailing against him because he has raised concerns during morning team meetings. His manager has performance concerns about him and feels that his raising issues does not help the team stay focused on what needs to be done.
Topics: Retaliation, Raising Concerns and Health & Safety
Scenario 3 Part 1

Scenario 3: Favouritism: Close Connections?

Description: A manager treats two employees differently when both inform her that their monthly reports will be late.
Topics: Favouritism and Personal Relationships 
Scenario 4 Part 1

Scenario 4: Safety: Good Enough?

Description: An employee is by passing safety procedures at his supervisor's request.
Topics: Product safety and Accurate Books & Records. 
Scenario 5 Part 1

Scenario 5: Conflicts of Interest

Description: An employee feels that a new contractor is getting preferential treatment. His superior is not assigning fair workloads and the project is behind schedule.
Topics: Conflicts of Interest, Personal Relationships and Workplace Respect

Scenario Script

Scenario 6 Part 1

Scenario 6: Protection of Information: Where's the Data?

Description: An employee shares company information with a friend to meet an aggressive schedule set by a disrespectful supervisor
Topics: Protecting Proprietary Information and Workplace Respect