Our sites in Sweden combine the capabilities of two of our business units: BAE Systems Hägglunds and Weapons Systems.
BAE Systems Hägglunds focuses on the provision, development and upgrade of vehicle systems for military and civil security applications. These include world-leading combat vehicles, armoured engineering vehicles and armoured personnel carriers. We also provide support services and training & simulation solutions. In addition,  BAE Systems Hägglunds develops electric hybrid technology aimed at the civilian.
Weapons Systems works on the engineering and development of artillery systems for land and naval applications. These include air defence gun systems and platform-mounted launch systems. The business unit also focuses on operations and support.
Our sites in Sweden are fast-developing and evolving businesses. They employ more than 1,200 out of our 100,000 worldwide employees.
At BAE Systems in Sweden, we consider how to deliver Total Performance in every aspect of the way we do business. This means focusing on customers, program execution, financial performance and responsible behaviour.
It is not just about what we do, but how we do it.
Underpinning our culture of Total Performance are our three core values: trusted, innovative and bold. Together, our diverse, talented and innovative workforce brings our core values to life.
We are determined to be recognised as a leader in responsible business conduct, both in Sweden and across the world. We continually strive for ways to improve our reputation and ways of working. High standards are essential and that is why we embed our ethical business conduct principles of accountability, honesty, integrity, openness and respect into all that we do.

Our people are the heart of the business.
Our organisation depends on talented and enthusiastic people who can rise to the challenge of the business. We are committed not only to the recruitment of high calibre people, but also to their continual training and development.
Health and well-being – ensuring a work-life balance.
We are proud of our strong investment in the well-being of all our employees and strive to ensure that everyone enjoys a healthy work-life balance. We offer flexible working hours and a good company healthcare scheme. Employees are reimbursed for health and fitness-related expenses such as gym memberships.
We organise health forums and receive regular visits from health and safety professionals, for example advisers on ergonomic comfort. We run diversity workshops to promote the rights of every individual. We also attend athletic challenges, including Vasaloppet and Vårruset, every year.


Employees in all positions have a regular Personal Development Review, which assesses progress and ensures that training is tailored to meet the needs of each individual and business objective.
Training may range from safety on the shop floor to technical education. Courses include language, project management, leadership training, computer science and financial training. Keeping records of your development, planning next steps and recording your achievements are of key importance in ensuring that you reach your potential and receive maximum support.


Our projects attract people with high potential. When a graduate stands out from the crowd, we see this as an exciting opportunity to encourage their personal development within the business.
If you have what it takes to go that one step further then you could be placed in one of our leadership programmes. These provide a mix of training and experiences that will help you become one of our leaders.

Thesis Work

If you are a university student in your final semester, we offer the chance to work on your Master Thesis at the company.

We will help you identify a subject area and undertake research. We will even reimburse your costs.

We believe this is an invaluable way of furthering academic research. It also allows you to build a relationship with us which could lead to later employment.

Summer Jobs

Summer jobs are a great way to gain experience within the company and get paid for it. They may lead to further job placements and even full-time employment.
If you have any questions, please send us and e-mail to: hr.ornskoldsvik@baesystems.se or hr.karlskoga@baesystems.se

Partnerships with schools

We offer exciting opportunities for young people aged 14-15 who attend schools close to our sites. For one or two weeks pupils can attend the company and participate in simple tasks and operations. If you wish to apply, simply ask your teacher to register your interest.
For slightly older students aged 17-19, there is a more in-depth three to five week work experience programme. This offers a flexible and creative way to learn and puts you on the path to joining the next generation of engineers. As well as the practical, hands-on skills needed in the workplace, you will gain valuable experience to complement your studies at college and university.
Case study: Teknikcollege
BAE Systems works in close cooperation with Teknikcollege in Örebro County. The collaboration between the municipalities in Örebro/Karlskoga offers technical training for students aged 16-19.
The college helps and encourages young people to follow technical career paths. Closely linking theory and practice, it offers a variety of different practices and visits to connect students with real work experience.
BAE Systems in Karlskoga also offer summer jobs or internships for two Teknikcollege students each year

Job Opportunities

We offer exciting opportunities across all areas of our business, at our established locations throughout Sweden.

Finding the job that is right for you is not an easy task, but whether you are an engineer looking to work with the technology of tomorrow, or a sales and marketing specialist interested in having the world as your working field, BAE Systems is the right place for you to look.
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