Blayze Ashurst, a junior at University of Utah, and Gabrielle “Gaby” van Brunt, a junior at Utah State University, have been awarded Utah Engineers Council (UEC) Scholarships, sponsored by BAE Systems and announced at the 2021 UEC Awards Banquet. Adapted for COVID-19, the banquet featured awards presentations to not only Ashurst and van Brunt, but to a total of 14 students with UEC collegiate scholarships.
Blayze Ashurst
Blayze Ashurst
“As part of the National Engineers Week celebrations and with a focus on ‘Imagining Tomorrow,’ it’s a privilege to support and inspire local university students to achieve their dreams and aspirations,” said Dr. Scott Nowlin, Chief Engineer for BAE Systems Air and Space Force Solutions’ Strategic Systems, at the awards presentation. “In addition to scholarships, BAE Systems provides internships, mentorship, and training to great young engineers like Gaby and Blayze. We are breaking new ground with our digital engineering, digital sustainment, and model-based systems engineering capabilities for our workforce and customers in Northern Utah and around the world – it’s an exciting time for young engineers – I’m jealous!”
Ashurst is studying to be an electrical engineer and has interests in wireless communication system and antenna design. He previously interned with a firm in Salt Lake City, designing nanometer-scale transistors for high performance analog integrated circuits, and has set his sights on becoming an engineer.
Gaby van Brunt
Gaby van Brunt
Gaby van Brunt is studying to be a mechanical engineer and has an interest in thermodynamics/fluid mechanics. She has interned with an industry partner supporting Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) Support Systems (e.g., vehicles, ground equipment, and facilities). Van Brunt has plans to continue straight into an engineering master’s degree program upon completing her bachelor’s degree.
“The UEC supports tomorrow’s engineers through a robust scholarship program year after year,” said Paul White, BAE Systems Program Manager for the GBSD program, and Chair of the UEC. “We provide many opportunities for young people today to choose engineering as a career path. We are proud of our contributions to engineering. We invite all to generously support our efforts to build our state’s next generation of engineers – and in doing so, we are all strengthened and benefit together.”
In addition to students, during the banquet several professionals were honored, including Mark Jasumback from Skyline High School with the “MESA Teacher of the Year” award, Dr. Doug Hunsaker from Utah State University with the “Engineering Educator of the Year” award, Justin Wettstein from Northrop Grumman with the “Fresh Face of Engineering” award, and Tait Ketchum from Dunn Associates with the “Engineer of the Year” award.

About the UEC scholarship program

The UEC provides $1,500 scholarships to junior college engineering students in accredited programs at select Utah universities. Scholarships are sponsored by local companies, organizations, and individuals. The application period runs from November to January each year, and the application is made available on the UEC website. Students are awarded scholarships on the basis of merit, without regards to race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status. Selected students are recognized at the annual UEC awards banquet.

Engineering opportunities in Utah

If you are a skilled engineer looking for a challenging yet rewarding career in the defense industry, and you are ready to join us in the digital transformation of our engineering disciplines, please visit our Strategic Systems careers webpage.