BAE Systems employees at Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) work alongside the U.S. Air Force, civil service, and other defense contractors contributing to the safety and security of our nation. They are focused on a collective mission: to ensure our nation’s strategic deterrent program is well equipped with the cutting-edge technologies to effectively maintain this capability today and far into the future.
“Our team plays an integral and meaningful role in ensuring our nation’s security,” said Rick Allen, Director of Air Force Solutions Strategic Systems at BAE Systems. “Our team of engineers, program managers, logisticians, and cybersecurity experts go to work each day knowing they are helping our customers sustain and modernize the critical systems required for a safe, secure, and effective land based strategic deterrent.”
Through contracts with U.S. Strategic Command, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy, BAE Systems supports two legs of the U.S. nuclear triad – consisting of sea-based ballistic missiles, ground-based ballistic missiles, and various air delivery systems. These three unique, widely dispersed nuclear weapons delivery systems mitigate the risk that an enemy could destroy the entire U.S. nuclear deterrent in a first strike. BAE Systems’ work in Utah supports the ground-based Minuteman III Weapon System and future Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs) systems through the Integration Support Contract (ISC).  BAE Systems received recognition as a “Top Workplace” by the Salt Lake Tribune in 2018, 2019 and 2020 for its work on the ISC.
At HAFB, our team is working on sustainment of the Minuteman III and transitioning the 60-year legacy program’s documents into a digital engineering environment using digital technology like Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Modernizing the way the Air Force manages ICBMs – the most responsive leg of the triad – requires access to unique skills, technical proficiency, and teamwork.
Meet our employees who make us a top workplace in Utah
Supporting the Air Force
Meet our employees who make us a top workplace in Utah


Meet Piper A.

Piper A. moved from Houston, Texas, to Utah and has worked for BAE Systems as an ISC systems engineer for two years, skillfully applying digital engineering principles to systems engineering activities.
ISC Systems Engineer
Teamwork and camaraderie both play a major part when it comes to the innovative and collaborative atmosphere that BAE Systems provides. Piper details a personal example of teamwork when she was a new employee: “During the first few months on the job, my teammates were the definition of ‘patience is a virtue’ as they took the time to explain all the new acronyms that were specific to our job … especially as I would ask every five minutes!” she said. “While it may sound small at first, this truly helped me understand the overall mission of the work we were doing on the program and enabled me to offer appropriate and insightful feedback on future projects.”
Piper manages systems requirements analysis data and creates functional and behavioral models using SysML, a systems modeling language. SysML is an extension of the Unified Modeling Language designed to support MBSE activities. Piper states that she always wanted to work in the defense industry and that she aligns with what the company stands for – supporting those who support us every day.
“My work today supporting ISC is all about digital engineering,” said Piper. “I take legacy documentation on how a system works -- from papers, pdfs, and files that people have collected over the years -- and I interpret data by placing it into a model to do MBSE. Specs and requirements are moved into a digital model so that I can tie those requirements to an activity or function. For example, if we needed to move a car, we would need to know the design (does the car have wheels?), how the car can move (is there an ignition source and an engine that runs?), and the overall structure of what’s around the car (how are the roads designed?). In a digital environment, we can play out certain scenarios and inject criteria into the environment to really see how the car will react or operate. If you think of it like that, that’s what I do, but for missiles in silos.”
Piper says the real benefit of MBSE is that there is now one place for the Air Force to see the whole environment at once, key to situational awareness.
“We don’t have to read hundreds of pages of paper documentation to determine how something might work,” Piper continued. “With the digital environment put in place by our team, we can plug and play to visualize results. The efficiency of digital engineering is incredible, especially with how knowledge transfer is now captured.” 
Piper said that she enjoys working for the company because of the amount of opportunities it provides both nationally and internationally. “Employees have the ability to explore multiple fields of interest, like the F-35 program in Texas or the Strategic Systems Program in Washington, D.C., as a result of the company’s diverse operating locations around the world,” she said. “I personally enjoy coming to work every day and seeing the new and different challenges that await me – plus you’ve got to love the monthly potlucks and the convenience of nearby coffee shops!”

Meet Morgan R.  

Project Manager Morgan R. has been with the company for five years. She moved from Great Falls, Montana, where she was serving at Malmstrom Air Force Base as a Senior Airman for four years. Her nuclear weapons technician position and maintenance work for the military directly translated to her first role at BAE Systems as a logistics analyst for the Reentry System and Reentry Vehicles Sustainment team.
Project Manager
“None of the work I did in the Air Force directly correlated with what I would consider ‘normal’ civilian life, but since I had a very specific niche knowledge about ICBMs, it was a perfect fit for the work we do at BAE Systems,” said Morgan.
Today, Morgan is a program manager who supports task order requirements and provides engineering support. She also works with government leaders to carry out desired strategies and execute new processes while maintaining adherence to U.S. Department of Defense standards.
Morgan said, “BAE Systems has a wonderful work culture. Leadership has a great focus on diversity and inclusion and I love being a part of the company’s Employee Resource Groups. While my work is satisfying, my favorite part of working for the company is being able to support my fellow coworkers as a Local Ethics Officer. The company also has one of the most flexible work forces I have ever been a part of. Managers are happy to work with employees who may need flexible hours, work-from-home opportunities, or vacation options. The company understands that if they want their employees to believe in the company and work towards fulfilling business goals, they need employees to be well-rested, happy, and focused.”

Meet Stephen Z.

Stephen Z., system security engineering lead, joined the company two years ago after serving in the Air Force.
System Security Engineering Lead
“When I separated from the Air Force, I was looking to continue to support my country in industry, but I was also looking for a flexible work/life balance,” said Stephen. “BAE Systems offered the best opportunity for that service and balance.”

Meet Bruce N.

Bruce N., lead engineer for MM III Sustainment, has worked for the company for six and a half years, providing guidance and direction to more than 100 engineers divided into several groups.
Lead Engineer
“The best example of teamwork was when we had various teams working for three years on a propellant prediction project,” said Bruce. “There were different engineering groups responsible for different aspects of the project: cutting propellant, testing different rates and temperatures, testing pressure, performing data trend and stress test analysis, confirming the analysis, and real-world deployment of the results to test the prediction. All of that work across various teams was assembled together into recommendations for the customer to better prepare for when propellant would age out. It was incredible to see everyone working together seamlessly to provide the customer with a solution.”

Meet Brian W.

“Projects aren’t just completed by a single person; it is always a team effort,” said Brian W., senior principal systems administrator. Hailing from Sandy, Utah, Brian has worked for the company for 3.5 years in both California and Utah.
Senior Principal Systems Administrator
“One example of teamwork being crucial was when our team was tasked with designing, building, and deploying an entirely new network and datacenter in less than 3 weeks,” said Brian. “With such a short and strict deadline and limited resources, there was absolutely no way we could have accomplished this without the solid effort of each team member involved.” Brian said that was one of the best highlights of his career thus far.
“What I love most about the Utah location is my team,” continued Brian. “They are hands-down the best people I have ever worked with. We are all quick to help each other with any task and there is never a shortage of laughs! I have made some great friends working here. Also, my commute time is much better.”

Meet Rosamaria N.

Business Operations Analyst, Executive Assistant
Rosamaria N. is a business operations analyst and executive assistant, who has worked with the company for just over one year. “I remain with BAE Systems because I feel valued as an employee, but most importantly as a person,” said Rosamaria. “I enjoy the people I work with and the opportunities I’ve had to advance my career within the short time I’ve worked here. The thing I enjoy the most about coming to work is that everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission and I feel like everybody supports each other. It’s hard to find that elsewhere.”

Meet Alyson W.

Security Manager Alyson W. has worked for BAE Systems for five years. She served in the Air Force as a Munitions System Specialist and retired a Master Sergeant in 2009. Today, she provides security oversight and guidance for her assigned facilities, and she manages a security team responsible for access control, security clearance briefings, and education/training.
Security Manager
“For me, it is really about supporting the mission,” said Alyson. “I love the people I work with and I love what I do. I feel like what I do makes a difference.”
“Teamwork and camaraderie for the security team is a daily practice and critical to our success,” continued Alyson. “We are constantly in communication with each other and helping each other in numerous ways. Every day is an opportunity to collaborate and ensure we are all operating on the same page so we can continue to perform at the highest level and keep our facilities, our assets and our people safe.” 

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