Quality Support, LLC employees assemble a specialty shipping container used to transport Bradley Fighting Vehicle parts.

Quality Support, LLC

Location: Scottsdale, Pennsylvania

Website: www.qualitysupport.biz

Employees: 22

Bradley Vehicle Support: Quality Support supplies shipping containers for Bradley Industrial Base operations

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce?
Jack Davis, president, Quality Support, LLC is delaying business decisions because of the potential shutdown of the Bradley production line. “Forecasting for next year and future years is difficult with the potential of a shutdown looming. BAE Systems has helped us to grow our business to 22 employees,” said Davis. “Our goal is to maintain this number of employees, but the impact of a shutdown would make us scramble to find replacement work. Right now we are waiting to see if a solution is made.”

Since 1992 Quality Support has designed and built wood crates and shipping containers. It is one of the largest employers in town.

As a company, we need to know if we will have orders to fill for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle to strategize our business plan and workforce plan for next year and future years. Right now we cannot do that accurately so we are delaying business decisions, which hurts our company, causes anxiety among our employees, and jeopardizes the strength of the industrial base. John Polacek, JWF Defense Systems


JWF Defense Systems

Location: Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Website: www.jwfds.com

Employees: N/A

Bradley Vehicle Support: JWF Defense Systems is part of this essential combat vehicle supply chain dedicating skilled workers to supplying finished armor components and assemblies for the Bradley Fighting Vehicles. These jobs depend on the work produced for this military platform.

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce?
John Polacek of JWF Defense Systems in Johnstown, Pa. candidly remarked about the potential short-term and long-term ramifications on his company if the U.S. Army’s current funding plan that forces the Bradley Industrial Base to shut down for at least three years starting next year is implemented. “If the Bradley production line was forced to shut down next year, the short-term consequence would be having a reduction of critical workforce. The long-term impact would be these uniquely skilled employees would likely leave the area to seek employment elsewhere significantly impacting our ability to staff up when our business picks up and we need to increase our industrial base capacity to meet demand. We know what the consequences would be. We just don’t know if a shutdown will occur. Right now we are in neutral.”