Salute to Our Partners The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues (TMC) is dedicated to connecting veterans with under-resourced communities, empowering veterans to continue their service, and empowering communities with veteran talent, skills and preparedness to generate visible impact.

BAE Systems has supported The Mission Continues through grants, volunteer support and board membership. We have also supported the launch of their Service Platoon Program and Women Veterans Leadership Program.

What inspires your organization to do what you do? / How do you support our military?

The Mission Continues is inspired by the veteran volunteers making new connections and learning skills to grow as leaders in under-resourced communities. Day in and day out, veterans do what they do best – go where they are needed most. They are fulfilling their drive to serve by stepping up to combat hunger, improving and beautifying school buildings, building urban gardens and so much more in their home cities. When our veterans are stronger, our communities are stronger.

What is the most significant need you are seeing for veterans right now?

The Mission Continues believes service saves lives. Improving veterans’ mental health is an outcome of our work. Challenged by the pandemic, our veterans recently shared with us that they are still struggling with isolation from family and friends. They are also struggling to access therapy appointments and group meetings due to the ongoing pandemic.

How can people get involved with/support your organization?

There are many ways to get involved with The Mission Continues. Veterans and community members can join one of our platoons located throughout the U.S. All the information about getting involved with The Mission Continues can be found here.