BAE Systems' range of situational awareness technology, survivability equipment, and precision munitions help ensure light attack aircraft are efficient military assets.

You wouldn't kick down a door if you had the key to unlock it. Threats on the modern battlefield are rapidly evolving, but not every threat requires a full-scale response. Military resources need to be effective, but also efficient and adaptable.

Today's militaries are turning to light-attack aircraft to conduct a variety of missions in volatile environments at a lower cost than current close air support options. To support this mission, BAE Systems produces equipment that enables light attack aircraft to become the key for complex and specific scenarios, unlocking the door with three critical close air support capabilities: situational awareness, survivability, and precision strike.

Situational Awareness: Situational awareness begins with pilots surveying their surroundings, which can be difficult in a harsh or contested battlespace.

Inside the cockpit, our displays provide pilots with easy information access to claim control of complex surroundings. The LiteHUD® head-up display is up to 60 percent smaller and 50 percent lighter than conventional HUDs, perfect for an agile, fuel-efficient aircraft. The world's only head-mounted display with integrated night vision and full-colour capability, our binocular Striker II® keeps pilots' heads up and eyes out. Pilots can distinguish adversaries from allies with conviction through our compact and versatile Identification Friend or Foe systems. Our SIGINT systems gather information from adversaries' electronic signals that analysts can transform into actionable intelligence. Security is imperative when sharing intelligence and our combat-proven Tactical Data Link 16 system ensures clear and secure communication. Lastly, our Mission Computing Systems ensure across the board intelligence capability and are ruggedized for demanding military platforms.

In an environment where chaos reigns, our pilots maintain control.

Survivability: Today's battlespace is more dangerous than ever before, particularly when engaging in close air support.

Our missile warning systems detect the ever-evolving dangers posed by sophisticated infrared missiles. Additionally, our battle-proven Infrared countermeasures are capable of combatting intricate modern weapon systems that are deployed by adversaries from the surface or in the air. To maximise pilot survivability, we've developed a next-generation Countermeasure Dispenser System that is so advanced, it tailors its reaction to each unique threat.

A pilot's survivability and ability to defeat simultaneous threats depends on our world leading technology.

Precision Strike: In contested air to ground missions, you may only have one shot.

Our combat-proven, laser-guided rockets redefine precision by hitting the target with pinpoint accuracy and minimal collateral damage. Our guidance section locks onto targets from more than three kilometres away, keeping aircraft and laser designators at a safe distance from threats. Never content, our scientists and engineers are always looking to adapt our sensor technology into other precision munitions suitable for light attack aircraft.

At BAE Systems, we're on an endless quest to produce innovative solutions for any combat situation, unlocking the full potential of light attack aircraft with situational awareness, survivability and precision strike capability. Our world-class technology delivers, where it counts.